Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kea Lani #2

The hotel is huge. Really big.

First impressions- the lobby has a massive, soaring ceiling with four large domes. Everything is white marble...the floor, the walls. It was dark, but I could see that the lobby opened up to the outside. The entry of the hotel was just wide open- no doors (no wall!)- coming from Canada, I had never seen that before. The temperature was the same in the lobby as outside, warm, not humid and the air had a "soft" quality that is hard to describe. Flowers and greens were everywhere, and as we walked to our room, we passed through several areas that opened up to the sky.

We reached our tower- the hotel is like a string of five connected blocks, kind of zigzagging sideways along the property. Our room was the last room of the last block- in the Molokini tower. We were on floor K- in six nights, I never figured out the numbering system, nor did I determine if we were travelling up or down in the elevator to get to the lobby- a very disconcerting feeling. As we walked, and walked, with the bell person, we passed through three of the five blocks. The tower our room was in had strangely wide hallways- the widest hotel hallways I have ever seen. It seemed like a waste of space, but maybe there is a reason? The hallway was quite dark and the carpet has a pattern that almost looks as though it is worn- though we determined that it is the pattern, with gradient colour, and not wear. A poor design- I saw several reviews that commented on worn hallway carpets- they actually seemed quite new, I think- just a very poor choice.

We finally reached our room- K97- at the very far end. I commented that it was a hike, and the bell person (who was very nice and chatted all the way) said that the end rooms were worth it because they had wrap-around balconies. The end of the hallway had a fire exit door that was not so pretty- odd placement- actually one of the stranger hotel hallways I've seen.

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