Saturday, October 24, 2015

A few years later, overall feeling about the Grand Wailea.

These are the things I remember about the Grand Wailea, a few years on (a benefit, I guess, of waiting a few years to finish a review/blog):

  • Huge, just huge. Distances from room to pool, room to lobby, room to restaurants are long! Really far. 
  • Impersonal. So big it's more like a Disney or Vegas property- those aren't usually warm and fuzzy either. In fact, the Grand Wailea reminds a lot of a Disney property, especially a luxury one- lovely on the surface, but incomparable to a true five star. 
  • A truly stunning pool area, which I think of frequently and fondly. Grateful that we experienced it. But..
  • Intense pool chair rules!  And wristband rules! By nature, I am a rule follower, but I was feeling a little chastised here. 
  • EXPENSIVE. $5.99 cappucino, $20 sandwiches.
  • My overall memory is that this hotel was frosty. Cold, robotic, without any care or concern for the guest beyond a very scripted welcome and goodbye. 
I'm glad we spent some time at the GW, but I wish it was one night, so we could have had two nights at the Four Seasons Wailea. 

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