Saturday, October 24, 2015

The last day

This was a sad wake up- it was our last day in this paradise. And we ended it at the most lovely place- the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea.

We had booked a few spa treatments as a treat. It's been awhile, so I can't give you much detail- other than the massages were good and the facility even better. The changeroom was so lovely and well equipped. This was our checkout day, so before we went to the spa, we packed up and stored our luggage. Since most flights leave in the evening to go to the mainland, the hotel welcomes you to use the pool all day and provides a hospitality suite to freshen up before you depart. Wonderful perk that gave us a glorious bonus day in Maui.

 We spent the whole day by the pool. We were able to score a cabana (free but must get early in the day) and my partner enjoyed a foot massage (around $30 for 20ish minutes).

We used the hospitality room to change and prepare to head to the airport. It was equipped with couches, a big TV, free Nespresso drinks, showers, bottled water and towels.  A truly high end, valuable and appreciated perk.

This hotel was my favourite, though for the length of time we were on Maui, I appreciated the space at the Kea Lani.

Overall thoughts....
  • gorgeous, posh hotel with a high end clientele (I felt a bit....not high end...but that's my issue, not the hotels'). 
  • Restaurants with beautiful and delicious food, but very expensive (better value that Grand Wailea restaurants though)
  •  A good value because of the freebies- free cabana (we paid over $150 for the cabana at the Kea Lani), free snorkeling, free water toys and other things that make this hotel a good value among the three
  • Lovely hula and guitar in lobby
  • Big, spacious, elegantly furnished rooms
  • nice staff, attentive service
  • Beautiful pool area and incredible beach. 
An episode of Modern Family was filmed at the hotel- I highly recommend watching! It gives you an excellent idea of the hotel. 

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