Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kea Lani #6 The Beach

Okay....back to day one. 

The beach at the Kea Lani is beautiful. I have very little experience with beaches, but I was shocked at how soft the sand was. There are beach staff that immediately set up chairs for you. They never ask your room number or anything. We didn't book an umbrella, but you could for free. The umbrellas are only allowed in the back rows, chairs can be anywhere. We forgot to put on sunblock (it had been kind of overcast) and we regretted that later. Not used to the intensity of the sun! 

There are signs saying that no alcohol is allowed on the beach, but we walked up to the pool bar and they happily made this tray of drinks for us to take to the beach, complete with cup o' bar snacks. Love it! 

We played in the waves a bit, then asked at the beach kiosk about renting a little wave board...but they were $9.00 an hour, or $40 a day. I bought two at Long's Drugs in Lahaina the next day for $17.00 each. They were cheap but worked. 

We had some appetizers in the lounge for dinner, then walked down to see our first Maui sunset. It was fantastic! So beautiful.

We played on the hammocks on the property for awhile. This guy comes around to light all the torches (which are all over the place and are really beautiful). 

I was tired early...the time change was hard on me. I went to bed early and vowed to sleep past seven.

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