Saturday, October 24, 2015

On to the Four Seasons Wailea!

Again, this is now two years late. I am writing this from memory, with the assistance of some notes and reviews that I wrote.

To recap, we had spent 6 nights at the Fairmont Kea Lani, and two nights at the Grand Wailea. This was our 9th and final night in Maui on a well-researched and long anticipated trip.

I really wanted to stay at the Four Seasons because I love hotels, especially nice hotels. I was excited to check this one out, but also sad because it meant we were on the home stretch of this trip.

We checked out of the GW fairly early (around 11) because we kind of wanted to get out of there. We were early to check in the the FS, but hadn't had breakfast/lunch yet, so decided to get lunch before we checked in.

We went to Ferraro's, the restaurant off the pool area and overlooking the beach. The food was completely delicious, and the service lovely and competent.

What a beautiful cocktail- oh I could go for one of those right now!

After our wonderful lunch (and with a wee buzz on) we went to the lobby to check in.

The lobby is stunning, huge with massive slabs of marble and an open air view of the ocean. Some large art pieces are a focal point.

On the way, I stopped for this money shot. Writing this now, 2 and a half year later, is really hard- because I'd like to go back right now!

We had a smooth and pleasant check in. Again, I had booked this hotel through and it came with an upgrade (if available), breakfast, and resort credit.

Although the hotel was not full (it was obvious), we were walked to out room and found that, though lovely and spacious and luxurious, it faced the parking garage (cleverly but not completely disguised by slats of wood). So, the view was of nothing really- a wall of tasteful wooden slats. We were terribly disappointed and decided to call the front desk. We explained that it was our last night of a dream vacation, that we would soon be returning to cold and snow, and that we desperately wanted to be able to see a sliver of ocean from our room. Graciously, they immediately arranged to give us an ocean view room (I booked standard view). It was tucked away at the far end of the resort, but again was a lovely, big, luxurious room with a walk out patio.

 This was the view from the room, which was sold as an ocean view room. If you like a better view, I think anything higher than the first floor would be desirable.

We went to the pool area, which was large and simple but tasteful. Our daughter and her friend spent a few hours playing around the massive fountain in the middle of the pool- seriously, we had just come from the GW, which is basically a water park, and they can't get enough of this fountain. We sunned, and checked out the adult pool, which was beautiful but seemed a bit....I don't know....snotty? I didn't feel super comfortable there, I am not sure why.

The beach at the Four Seasons is perfect. We went down to watch the sunset and there was a very small wedding (about 6 people) happening. Wow, it was beautiful! Earlier in the day, I had snorkeled for first time (free 1 hour use of equipment) and fell in love with that (though I have done it since, in
other places, and realize that snorkeling for the first time in Maui has probably ruined me for snorkeling many other places!).

We set our girls up with room service for dinner and headed to the lobby, where there was a slack guitar player with a hula dancer. Ah, that was heaven. A few strong (super expensive) cocktails and hula, with the soft scented ocean air surrounding us (the lobby has few walls)... a beautiful memory that I will never forget.

We must have had dinner! I can't remember...might have been those drinks!

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